Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Japan Idol - Arashi

First, let me tell you guys, I'm not English native speaker, so I will mess up my word, spelling, grammar and blaa blaa blaa. I post in English because its good if other countries can read too, right? I will just use very simple word and sentences as long as I'm comfortable with it. Thanks!

Okay! Now hands up if you don't know Arashi!

Arashi is one of the talented group in Japan and I admit I love them. They are handsome enough for people around their aged. This year, 2014. Most of them already 30years old and above. But yeah, I think most of Japanese get their handsomeness after they reached 30.

Whats make me love Arashi? Of course their CHARMING. Hahaha. No lah, actually they are not so popular after their debut. They debut in Honolulu, Hawaii on 15 September 1999. Very young, they are very very very young at that time. I read about them, and also hear most of their story from my friend which shared our interest to Arashi to know them better.

I started to love them when my neighbor in our dormitory keep playing songs from Boku no miteiru fuukei concert all day long. I asked her, "eh! what group is this? why you keep listening to them??" then she replied "demm, u dunno them! they are my prince charming!" I started to google them andd naaaahhh I fall in love!!

Actually, Arashi slowly declined after the debut and faced very gloomy years around 2002-2005. But then, Matsumoto Jun (Matsujun) got offered casting for HanaYori Dango main cast, Domyouji. They gained the popularity from Matsujun's drama.

I heard, at first Domyouji wanted the Rui role, but then when he thought about the gloomy years of Arashi, he finally decided to do Domyouji (even he likes cool character, Rui so much).

After that drama, they rapidly raising their popularity and gained a lot of awards. They are allowed to do their concert in Kokuritsu (very big stadium for National Olympic events) every year and be the only one idol use that stadium for I think 6 years consecutively!

Many great things I wanna share about this awesome group later! I think another awesomeness of Japan is Arashi. Don't you think so? I love they taking care towards each other. Touch  ^_^


  1. hi hakita...

    me too was an arashi's fan. big fan! but that was during my study time. now i'm working and has limited access to arashi's latest music videos or dorama plus, my old laptop was crashed and all the vids were gone. *tears*
    missing my sweet time with arashi... huhu

    glad to meet to, hakita. let's always support arashi.
    i'm always arasick!

    1. Don't be hesitate to ask me for the videos. I have thousand of them! Let share the awesomeness. Haha. Keep in touch with me. <3