Thursday, June 26, 2014

Japan Trivia : Why do Japanese like to eat at food stalls?

 Pic credit to "exactly like in edo, soba noodle portable vending stall"

Outdoor carts and stands that sell ramen are popular even with young women. High school and college girls, who normally avoid restaurants that cater to middle-aged men, are willing to rub shoulders with older men at food stands.

According to one account, the source of widespread popularity of food carts dates back to the samurai era. During the Warring States period, fighting men were told to "eat fast, shit fast, and prepare fast". Soldiers must be ready to fight at any time.

Thus the fundamental principle was to eat and perform other bodily functions in short time. Eating quickly was part of the samurai's job.

The custom of eating quickly became widespread. In the Edo period, fast-food carts and children selling food from baskets suspended from shoulder poles were common sights in cities and towns.

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