Monday, August 11, 2014

Osaka Amazing Pass 2014

Osaka is now offering very convenience pass for us, foreigner. Well I guess this pass is a must for someone who now planning to go to Japan especially Osaka. What is it look like? There's two types of pass, one-day pass and two-day pass.

 1day pass
One-day pass costs you 2300yen. It is cheap though you can travel all around the Osaka. Basically, almost all subways and trains can be use by this pass. So, you should have no problem while traveling using this pass. You can check the trains and subways here.

2day pass

Same goes to two-day pass. The routes and trains is same. And the price is even cheaper, 3000yen for two consecutive days. You can get both pass in Kansai International Airport, Osaka Information Centre, and hotels. To have details on where to buy, click here.

Okay, what is so special about this pass actually? You can get to enter 28 facilities for free by using this pass. For example, it can be used as ticket to enter museum, zoo, castle and many more. Check out the awesomeness of these 28 facilities.

Then, you can enjoy the cheap costs of amazing experiences. Enjoy your trip. ^_^

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